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How to Convince My Parents to Let Me Live at Whistler

By Emily

So, you’ve decided Whistler is the place for you and you’re ready to sign your lease. The only problem is… you still have to convince your parents.

At Whistler, we have helped hundreds of students sign leases at their dream apartment, and understand that getting your parents on board can be a challenge.

For this reason, we’ve written this guide on how to convince your parents to sign a lease at Whistler.

Convincing Your Parents Whistler is the Place For You

Do your Homework

Georgia Tech students researching student housing options near Georgia Tech.

When you bring up living at Whistler to your parents, make sure that you have done your research on other student housing properties near Georgia Tech. Be prepared to back up your decision with stats on other buildings, be it their amenities, pricing or location.

We have many reviews on our website including Square on Fifth, The Standard, and Inspire.

Know the Benefits

Daydreamer coffee at Whistler leasing office in Midtown Atlanta

What do you love about Whistler? Is it the unique floor plans, the trendy amenities, or the prime location near Tech Square? Is it all of the above? Make an extensive list of why Whistler is the place for you. Not sure where to start? Check out our article on Five Reasons to Live at Whistler for the 2022-2023 School Year.

Her are some examples we’ve heard from future residents:

  • It’s really close to the Scheller College of Business
  • It’s near your sorority or fraternity house
  • It’s just a short walk from East Campus
  • The amenities meet all of your needs
  • You’re excited about the onsite coffee shop and study spaces
  • You want to live in a new building

Anticipate their Questions

With Whistler being a new construction, we know your parents will have lots of questions. To give your parents peace of mind, we have made a list of the common questions we get when students are looking to sign a lease at Whistler:

  • How much will it cost? Not just rent, but what other fees will I have to pay
  • How much is parking? Where will you park if the garage is sold out?
    • Whistler on-site parking starts at $175 per month on a first come, first serve basis. If you’re looking for a different place to park for the year, here is our ultimate guide to parking at Georgia Tech.
  • Why do you need to live in a new building? What about the ones already built?
  • What are the safety features? What does security look like?
    • Here at Whistler, safety is a top priority. Whistler is a controlled access building with secure parking. We have a fob system with electronic key locks to units and amenities throughout the complex, as well as deadbolts included on your front door. We also have complex-wide video monitoring capabilities.

By doing research on these common questions, you’ll be prepared to answer any major concerns your parents have. Still looking for answers? Check out our FAQ, where we answer all of our most-asked questions.

Talk to your Parents!Georgia Tech student talking to his parents about living at Whistler

Now that you have done your outside research, made a list of all the reasons you want to live at Whistler, and have anticipated any questions or concerns your parents may have, it’s time to sell! Here is a template to get your conversation started:

Hey [Mom/Dad]!

I’ve been researching places to live next year and I really want to live at Whistler. It’s a new development that is just steps from Tech Square. I picked Whistler because:

[Examples, pick or add your own!]

  • Being a new development, security is up-to-date with the latest technology.
  • The modern design is aesthetically appealing and I would love to live in such a unique place.
  • It’s brand new, so I won’t have to worry about appliances not working or furniture being worn down.
  • The location is perfect! It’s just a short walk from my classes, my sorority/fraternity house, etc.
  • Etc. Add your own reasons here!

The floor plan I am interested in, [insert floor plan name here], is only [insert rent price here] per person per month which includes furniture, amenities, basic utilities and security. We picked this floor plan for the following reasons:

[Examples, pick or add your own!]

  • We all get a window in our bedrooms.
  • It’s the most affordable option for our group.
  • It has a balcony.
  • It’s located right by the elevators / gym / [other amenity].
  • It has views of _____ (the Pencil Building, Mercedes Benz, the Midtown Skyline, Stone Mountain, etc.).
  • Etc. Add your own reasons here!

I have looked at other rental rates at student apartments near campus and I think this price point is reasonable considering all that the building includes. They also have an article of the additional costs we will be subject to pay when we sign so we can get a holistic view of the financials.

Whistler is also full of amenities: a rooftop pool and hot tub, open and private study spaces, a fitness center with yoga and spin studios, a sauna, and an onsite coffee shop, Daydreamer!

Having access to these amenities in my apartment complex will be super convenient. Think of all of the money I’ll save on a gym membership since they have a 24-hour, two-story gym and spin studio. Plus, with plenty of comfortable study spaces, I won’t have to worry about walking back in the dark after a late night of studying either.

Also, when I sign my lease, I’ll get free coffee and drinks from Daydreamer in the leasing office for the rest of the year, leading up to move-in. That’s countless free [insert your Daydreamer drink of choice] between now and next year!

Even though the building is currently under construction, they have a move-in guarantee on the website that explains how the construction is on-schedule. They also have an addendum to the lease that explains what will happen if for some reason the building is not complete.

How does this sound to you? If you have any more questions or concerns, we can pull up their website and look through everything together. They have an extensive list of articles and other resources covering any concerns we might have or anything else we might need to know about Whistler.

We hope this article is a good starting point for talking to your parents about living at Whistler. If you have any further questions, please contact our leasing team. We are more than happy to help!


Emily is a Community Assistant at Whistler. She is freshman at Georgia State University majoring in Business. Her go-to Daydreamer order is a caramel latte!

November 16, 2022

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