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7 Tips for Subletting (or Reletting) your Midtown Apartment

By Dae'Shawn

With summer study abroad programs, internship and co-op opportunities in other cities, or even just the comfort of spending a summer at home, there are many reasons Georgia Tech students look to sublet or relet their apartment for the summer months.

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At Whistler, our leasing team has helped hundreds of students sign leases, and understand that finding someone to take over your lease can be challenging. While Whistler requires students to sign a 12-month lease, we allow you to relet your space if needed to meet this requirement.

To help simplify the process, we will be listing our top seven tips to help you sublet your Midtown apartment.

Subletting vs. Reletting

Subletting refers to finding someone to take over the financial obligation of your lease for a certain period of time. However, with subletting, you are still financially and legally obligated to your original contract. If the subletter were to move out or stop paying rent, the obligation falls back on you.

This is why, at Whistler, we offer the option to relet your apartment. Reletting refers to finding someone to take over your contract in its entirety. They sign their own lease and once they take occupancy of the unit, you will be released of your obligation to your signed contract. This way, if the reletter were to move out or stop paying rent, the obligation of the contract is on them and you will not be liable.

We’ll refer to subletting in this article to keep it simple, but remember whether you’re looking to find someone to sublet or relet your space, the process of finding a good fit will be very similar – the difference comes down to liability.

7 Tips for Finding Subletters Near Georgia Tech

1. Determine if your property allows subletting

Step one is super important– you will first need to determine if your apartment complex allows you to sublet.

You can look at your lease or consult your property’s leasing team to find out what the specific rules are around subletting.

It’s important to note that not every apartment complex in Midtown allows subletting, so if having a sublet for your apartment during the summer is a must-have, you should ask each property what their sublet policy is before signing a lease.

2. Consider your roommates

Georgia Tech students having drinks at Ponce City Market in Midtown Atlanta.

Taking your roommates into consideration when choosing a person to sublet your apartment can make the process as a whole go smoother.

While getting your roommates’ approval on who you let sublet and if you even sublet at all is not essential, it is considerate to discuss your thoughts with your roommates before taking any action.

Your friends may have specific living preferences that they want you to think about when finding a potential new roommate, so it’s important to let them know early on so you can plan accordingly.

3. Start asking around

Georgia Tech students in Midtown at the High Museum hanging out.

Be sure to ask around your friend groups. Many students will need hosing in Midtown over the summer and someone you know may be looking to sublease!

The best way to find a subletter that will both hold up their end of the agreement and be a good fit for your roommates is to find someone you know.

Ask friend groups, greek life group chats, club group chats– find people you know well and can trust. Many Georgia Tech students are looking for summer housing near campus for classes, research, or internships in Atlanta, so if you start your search early, several people you know will be looking for a place to sublease in Midtown.

Finding a subletter can be a lot like finding a roommate, so check out our guide to finding a roommate in Midtown Atlanta for more tips.

4. Utilize social media platforms

Georgia Tech student searching for subletters for a student housing apartment in Midtown Atlanta.

Take advantage of campus-wide group chats to get the word out that you’re looking for subletters.

If no one you personally know is looking to sublease, social media is a great way to find subletters.

Campus-wide GroupMe’s, Facebook pages, and Instagram posts all can help you find a subletter for your apartment.

Some popular facebook pages for Georgia Tech students looking to sublease include:

5. Know what qualities you’re looking for in a subletter

When searching for your subletter, it’s important to make a list of qualities you’re looking for.  Talking with your roommates can also help you make a list of must-haves, since they’ll be the ones living with your subletter.

Some examples of potential must-haves may include:

  • Does your subletter need to be a college student?
  • Do they need to be a Georgia Tech student?
  • Can they be a graduate student or do they need to be undergrad?
  • Will you allow someone to bring a pet?
  • Are you looking for a night owl or an early bird?

6. Ask for references

When looking at potential subletters for your apartment, you want to make sure your candidates are trustworthy individuals who have a history of following through.

If you’ve lucked out and found a subletter through your friend group, a mutual friend or old roommate can be your reference to ensure the potential subletter will hold up their end of the bargain.

If you have to sublet to someone you do not know, ask for one or two references, one of which being a prior landlord.

7. Understand the risks of subletting

One of the last things to consider is the risks you are undertaking when you sublet your apartment– especially when you are subletting to a person you did not know prior to the subleasing agreement.

If your subletter does not pay rent, causes damage to the property, or does not follow property rules, the consequences could fall onto you.

To minimize this risk, you may want to ask permission to run a background check. Many apartment complexes will require you to run a background check or pay for the costs associated with running one before approving your sublease, so be sure to check your apartment’s policy.

One benefit of reletting is that, after you find a reletter to take over your lease, you will no longer be liable for any damages to the space.

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If you’re planning on subletting your apartment, be sure to follow all of these steps to ensure your sublet process goes smoothly. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Whistler, please reach out to our leasing staff! We are more than happy to help in your search for housing!


Dae'Shawn is a Leasing & Marketing Assistant at Whistler. He is a senior at the Georgia Tech, majoring in Computer Engineering with a concentration in Cybersecurity and Computer Architecture.

September 13, 2022

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