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5 Steps to Reletting an Apartment at Whistler

By Grace

During the summer, Georgia Tech students have various reasons to consider reletting their apartments. Whether it’s engaging in study abroad programs, pursuing internships, or simply wanting to return home to spend time with friends and family, there’s a strong demand among students to find someone to take over their apartments for the summer months.

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At Whistler, our leasing team has helped hundreds of students sign leases and understand that finding someone to take over your lease can be challenging. While Whistler requires students to sign a 12-month lease, we allow you to relet your space if needed to meet this requirement.

To help simplify the process, we have compiled a list of five steps needed to relet your apartment at Whistler.

Subletting vs. Reletting

Two residents studying in study lounge at Whistler: a student property in Atlanta

The Whistler study lounge is a great spot for residents to get work done or enjoy their morning coffee.

Subletting refers to finding someone to take over your lease for a period of time, but you remain responsible for the contract. If the subletter moves out, stops paying rent, or damages the space, you’re held responsible.

At Whistler, we do not offer subletting; rather, just reletting. This means finding someone to take over your entire lease. They sign their own lease, and once they move in, you’re no longer responsible for the contract. If the reletter moves out or stops paying rent, it’s their problem, not yours.

Remember, whether you’re subletting or reletting, the process of finding the right person is similar. The main difference comes down to liability.

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5 Steps to Relet at Whistler 

1. Understand the Costs

Girl sitting in bed writing in a journal at Whistler in Atlanta

Before deciding whether to relet at Whistler, it’s important to consider the associated costs. Both the current tenant and the new tenant (reletter) need to understand their financial obligations.

The tenant is responsible for a relet fee, which amounts to 85% of one month’s rent. For example, if you live in Moss with a monthly rent of $1,439, your relet fee would be $1,223.15.

The reletter needs to pay upfront fees, including the application fee ($50) and the administrative fee ($200). Additionally, the reletter must pay the first rental installment before receiving the keys. This means they would need to pay $1,439, plus $250 worth of upfront fees, for a total cost of $1,689 prior to moving into the Moss unit at Whistler.

Understanding these financial obligations is crucial for both parties involved in the reletting process at Whistler.

2. Consider Your Roommates

Roommates having drinks at Ponce City Market

Taking your roommates into consideration when choosing a person to relet your apartment can make the process as a whole go smoother.

If you are living in a shared apartment, it’s not necessary to get your roommates’ approval on reletting, but it is considerate to talk to your roommates before making any decisions regarding reletting and who you allow to take over your lease.

Your friends may have specific living preferences that they want you to think about when finding a potential new roommate, so it’s important to let them know early on so you can plan accordingly. This will help ensure both your roommates and your reletter will be in a comfortable living situation.

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3. Gather Information: Ask Around and Use Social Media

To find a reliable reletter who fits well with your roommates, start by asking people you know and trust. Reach out to friend groups, Greek life group chats, and club group chats as many Georgia Tech students may be seeking summer housing near campus for classes, research, or internships in Atlanta. If you start your search early, you are likely to find several people looking for a place to sublease in Midtown. 

If no one you personally know is looking to relet, social media is a great way to find reletters. Campus-wide GroupMe’s, Facebook pages, and Instagram posts all can help you find a reletter for your apartment. 

Some popular Facebook pages for Georgia Tech students looking to relet include: 

4. Know What Qualities You’re Looking For

whistler, an off campus student apartment, exterior in midtown atlanta

When searching for your reletter, it’s important to make a list of qualities you’re looking for. Talking with your roommates can also help you make a list of must-haves, since they’ll be the ones living with your reletter. 

Some examples of potential must-haves may include:

  • Does your reletter need to be a college student? 
  • Do they need to be a Georgia Tech student? 
  • Can they be a graduate student or do they need to be undergraduate? 
  • Will you allow someone to bring a pet?
  • Are you looking for a night owl or an early bird?

5. Gather References 

When searching for a reletter for your apartment, prioritize trustworthy individuals who have a history of following through on their commitments.

If you’re lucky enough to find a reletter through your friend group, a trusted classmate, or a previous roommate, they can serve as a reference to ensure the potential reletter is reliable.

If you have to relet to someone you don’t know, ask for one or two references, including a prior landlord. This helps you gather information about their reliability before making a decision.

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If you’re planning on reletting your apartment, be sure to follow all of these steps to ensure your relet process goes smoothly. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Whistler, please reach out to our leasing staff! We are more than happy to help in your search for housing!


Grace is a Digital Marketing Intern for Whistler. She is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in Advertising and Public Relations.

November 07, 2023

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