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How to Prepare Your Apartment for Freezing Temperatures

By Dae'Shawn

Winter weather in the forecast? Below are a few preventative measures to take to ensure your pipes do not freeze and potentially burst in your apartment during freezing temperatures. 

Freeze Warning Tips

When temperatures are forecast to be below 32°F, water pipes can freeze, burst, and cause a great deal of damage. Help protect your apartment home by taking these steps during a freeze:

1. Let your faucets drip

Run both hot and cold water in a very fine stream in each of your apartment’s faucets: kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc.

2. Open your cupboards 

Leave the cabinet doors under all sinks open so that the pipes will be ventilated with warm air. Leaving the bathroom and kitchen doors open helps as well.

3. Heat your home

If you leave for the day (or an extended period) do not turn the heat completely off. Turn it on and set it to the lowest setting you wish (60-65°F is recommended).

4. Be alert!

If you see anything unusual – for example if your water does not come on, or if you see water leaking anywhere in or around your apartment building, notify the leasing office and the maintenance team immediately!

If you have an emergency after hours, please call the office number at 512-722-7733 and follow the prompts to emergency maintenance. We appreciate your cooperation and hope you stay warm!


Dae'Shawn is a Leasing & Marketing Assistant at Whistler. He is a senior at the Georgia Tech, majoring in Computer Engineering with a concentration in Cybersecurity and Computer Architecture.

January 11, 2024

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