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What Views Will I Have From My Whistler Apartment?

By Emily

The views you see from your apartment everyday can make all the difference in your living experience. Do you want to face campus? Do you want to be able to see the Pencil Building from your room? 

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you narrow down the floor plan options and pick the best unit for you.

As you are looking through the various floor plan options at Whistler, you may be wondering which units face which direction and what views you will have from your balcony or large windows everyday.

To help answer these questions, we’ve written this article comparing the views from different floor plans available at Whistler.

Comparing the Views of Different Floor Plans at Whistler

Which direction does each floor plan face?

Whistler views chart.
Whistler Views of W Peachtree Street and the Midtown Atlanta Skyline.

Views from Whistler facing West Peachtree Street Northwest.

Whistler Views NCR and campus in Midtown Atlanta

Views from Whistler facing west towards campus.

Views from Whistler facing Tech Square and Abercrombie Street in Midtown Atlanta.

Views from Whistler facing south towards Tech Square and Abercrombie Street.

Whistler Views NCR, Spring St, Buckhead in Midtown Atlanta.

Views from Whistler facing north down Spring Street.

For the best views of Midtown skyline

If you’re wanting to wake up looking over the Midtown skyline, check out The Cabell.

The Cabell is a 4×4 corner unit that faces West Peachtree Street NW. This floor plan has the option of large windows or a balcony and allows for each roommate to have their own cozy corner of the apartment.

If you’re looking for these same views but want to live on the top floor of Whistler, The Bidez is a 4×4 penthouse unit also facing West Peachtree Street NW. Here, you’ll find a spacious apartment with large windows overlooking Midtown. You and your roommates will have some of the best views of Atlanta from your windows every morning.

For the best views of Stone Mountain

If you’re more interested in views of Stone Mountain, The Michel and The Crawford both sit on the opposing corner from The Cabell and The Bidez, also facing West Peachtree Street NW.

The Michel is another 4×4 floor plan option with the option of a balcony. This floor plan is designed with a streamlined living space flooded with natural light making the space feel bright and open.

Like the Bidez, The Crawford is a 4×4 penthouse unit on the 24th floor. The Crawford also comes with a massive balcony giving you plenty of space to appreciate the views from your apartment.

For the best views of Mercedes Benz and The Pencil Building

If you’re a fan of the Pencil Building (Bank of America Plaza) and the Mercedes Benz Stadium, you’ll want to live in units facing Tech Square and Abercrombie Street. Floor plans facing this direction include The Moss and The Miller.

The Moss is the largest floor plan available at Whistler with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. These units have plenty of space to comfortably fit you and four of your closest friends. The Moss units even come with balconies facing Tech Square, making it that much easier to enjoy your killer view.

If you’re looking to live with fewer roommates, The Miller is a 3×3 floor plan option that also faces Tech Square. The Miller also comes with the option of a balcony and features large windows in each of the three bedrooms.

For the best views of Google and NCR

For views of NCR and Google, you’ll want to look at apartments on the other side of Whistler that face north down Spring Street. Floor plan options on this side include The Smith and The Walter.

The Smith is the studio floor plan at Whistler. This cozy apartment is designed to accommodate your busy college lifestyle and give students space to relax in their own apartment. This unit also features a walk-in closet for those who need a little extra storage space.

If you prefer to live with a roommate, The Walter is a 2×2 floor plan that also faces north down Spring Street. This unit is designed with the bedrooms on opposite sides of the apartment for privacy when you need it, and a shared living and kitchen area in the middle for when you want to socialize.

For the best views of Buckhead

For views of Buckhead, you’ll want to look at The Lawrence and The Burdell. These corner units face west towards Georgia Tech campus.

The Lawrence is the largest and most spacious 4×4 floor plan at Whistler. The unit features massive floor to ceiling windows in your living room to make the space feel even bigger.

The Burdell is a more budget-friendly 4×3 apartment, perfect for someone who doesn’t mind sharing a bathroom. This unique floor plan features two private baths and one shared bath.

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For the best views of Georgia Tech and Downtown

Last but not least, if you want to live facing Georgia Tech and Downtown, you’ll want to consider The Clement. This large 4×4 floor plan features wide windows in each of the four bedrooms to make your space feel bright and airy. There is also the option for a private balcony off the living room to make your view of campus even better.

Site map of Whistler in Midtown Atlanta.


We hope this article has given you a feel for the different views you’ll have from your apartment at Whistler. Remember that Whistler does not charge extra for units on higher floors, so lease now for the best views before the upper floors are sold out!

If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about Whistler, please contact our leasing staff! We are more than happy to help in your search for housing!


Emily is a Community Assistant at Whistler. She is freshman at Georgia State University majoring in Business. Her go-to Daydreamer order is a caramel latte!

December 14, 2022

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